Investing In Real Estate

Real estate investing runs the entire gamut in terms of risk and investment success. The first rule of real estate investing, even before location, location, location, is be very careful with whom you are dealing. For some reason, real estate is fraught with unscrupulous characters, many of whom you’ll find on late night television commercials with their "no-money" down methods of becoming millionaires. Only a very small percent of these so-called real estate gurus are legit.

If you are seriously considering investing in real estate property, it means essentially that you will need:

  • Investment capital, or a legitimate means of attaining some without putting yourself in debt.
  • A good knowledge of the real estate market and the neighborhood in which you are looking to buy property.
  • Good management, people and negotiating skills
  • The ability to do repair work or access to people who can do it for you.
  • Reliable and ethical partners and associates who will assist and advise you with your best interests in mind.

All of our partners and agents are also investors. We buy and sell our own properties so we truly know the risks and rewards through firsthand experience. We also know the local market and can help you find, fund, and manage investment properties that meet your goals.

Use our website to learn more about real estate investing and opportunities in the Myrtle Beach market.   When you're ready, make an appointment to meet our team and discuss your specific goals and criteria. We'll help you find the ideal investment properties for your portfolio.

Are you ready for an investment that doesn't end with .com? Countless Americans owe their financial success to real estate!

We have several programs available to anyone who desires to build long term wealth through real estate, and we are always looking for partners that we can pull up the ladder of success.

Maybe you don't have the time or knowledge to get started on your own, but you do have:

  • Cash to Invest 
  • Retirement funds to invest (Grow your financial future tax deferred, or even tax free! We can explain how) 
  • No cash, but good credit

If you are ready to discuss the fantastic opportunities available to you as a real estate investor, just call me at toll free 1-800-757-7843.  You may also fill out the form below and I will personally call at your convenience. 

All information is kept "strictly confidential" and all investor funds are safely secured by local area real estate.

Lisa Terrill




Steps To home Buying Success In Myrtle Beach

 The spring home buying season in  Myrtle Beach has been both very exciting and very frustrating. Homes and condos are selling at a brisk pace often for full price, sometimes more. This has resulted in extreme frustration for many buyers as they end up in multiple offer situations, get out bid, or the home they really wanted goes under contract before they can even make their offer.

Buying a home in this market can be challenging. Here are a few items to help you with your journey:

  • Get pre-qualified for the loan amount you'll need to purchase your home. Contact a lender or request a copy of our local lenders list. If you are paying cash, have your available funds documented beforehand. You will have to submit a pre-approval letter or proof of funds with your offer or it may not get accepted.

  • Have a good idea what you want: Detached home, condo, town home, bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhood, yard size, community activities, pool, schools, places of worship and so forth. Knowing what you want and where you want to be will enable you to move quickly on an good housing opportunity.

  • Stick within your budget. This one can be harder than it sounds so let's work together to make this a more stress-free experience.

  • Be realistic about your budget and what it can buy (you cannot find a nice, nearly new, move in ready, 1800SF, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a 2 car garage in a nice neighborhood for under $100,000 in Myrtle Beach SC).

  • You can often find more "bang for your buck" a little further inland. Home prices in Conway, Longs, Loris or Aynor can be significantly lower than homes closer to "The Beach". There are some really nice homes, neighborhoods and new communities in these areas. These areas offer larger homes, on bigger lots in a quieter environment, yet you are still close enough to enjoy the dining, entertainment, and recreation available along the coast. Be willing to explore some inland opportunities.

  • Be realistic about List Prices! The days of negotiating 10, 15 or 20% discounts from list price are gone. You've simple waited too long. The market hit bottom late last year and is now in a slowly appreciating upward trend. Sellers, agents, and foreclosing banks have gotten smarter about pricing strategy and are closely matching appraisal values.

  • Be realistic about buyer competition. As listing inventory has decreased, competition among buyers for the same property has increased. Nice, well priced homes go under contract fast. If you find a home you really like that meets all your needs, be prepared to make a good solid offer.

  • Bargains are still available but they're not for everyone. Good deals can still be negotiated on higher end properties and there are still some "fixer" opportunities available to those willing to invest a little work and money in improvements, repairs, appliances, paint and flooring.

  • If you are buying a home jointly, make sure you and your partner agree on the criteria, their importance) and the budget. As your agent, we can discuss these but it's best that you both are on the same page before we start our home search. This will save you TIME and MONEY!

No matter what kind of home you're looking for, we can work together and make this home-buying journey one that is enjoyable.

I look forward to being of further service. Always feel free to reach out to me or let me know when best to contact you so we can expedite your move into the perfect home for you.

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